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Vitamin D Supplementation

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Vitamin D supplementation has become quite common, with a particular emphasis on winter months where we can’t make our own.

In order to make vitamin D from sun exposure, we need a certain strength in UVB sunlight, but if you’re north of 42*N, which is the equivalent latitude to Madrid, Spain, then between October to March there is not enough UVB strength in sunlight to synthesize your own vitamin D.

We make vitamin D when UBV from the sun comes in contact with our skin, and a series of reactions from that initial contact ultimately lead to the active form of vitamin D being created in the kidneys.

And here is the thing about vitamin D from sunlight: you can’t get too much of it, because our bodies have a way of regulating your vitamin D levels through natural light exposure.

With weather like we have this summer, you can easily top up your vitamin D stores through regular sun exposure. Don’t forget to wear a sunscreen: it will stop you burning, but you’ll still get your vitamin D with anything other than full sunblock.

What you need is about 80% of your skin exposed to the sun, so it’s shorts and/or bikini type attire. Also, if your shadow is longer than you, you’ve lost the best strength in sunlight: so ideally exposure between 11am-4pm, factoring in our longer evenings.

So, ditch the vitamin D sprays or supplements this summer. And while you’re at it, why not get your dose with some outdoor exercise in this weather!

As always, stay fit, stay healthy.